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Southampton Classical Association

Since 1903

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Report on Professor Finglass's lecture ' Stesichorus and the Reshaping of Homeric Myth' on Thursday 8th February 2018

 Report on Dr Will Wootton's lecture 'Making Ancient Mosaics: from Hellenistic to Roman' on Thursday 14th December 2017

Report on Dr Harry Sidebottom's lecture " The Third Century Crisis of Rome: The History behind the 'Warrior of Rome' & Throne of the Caesars' novels on Tuesday 21st November 2017.

Report on Dr Eoghan Moloney's lecture " Heroes and History: Macedonian Kings " on Wednesday 11th October 2017. This is the first meeting of 2017 to 2018.

Report on our visit to Bradfield College to see a performance of 'The Persae'
 Report on Doctor Sarah Harden's lecture ' Guilt in Oedipus Tyrannus ' on Tuesday 2nd May 2017

Report on Professor Paul Cartledge's lecture ' Sparta: How Odd - Really? on Wednesday 8th March 2017

Report on Professor Robert Parker's  lecture 'The Gods in Homer ' on Thursday 9th February 2017

Report on the Saturnalia, hosted by Brian and Diana Sparkes on Saturday 14th January 2017

Report on Ben Kane's lecture ' Rome's Greatest Defeat? Massacre in the German Forest, AD 9 ' on Wednesday 9th November 2016
Ben Kane.docx

Report on Charlotte Higgins' lecture ' Fantasies, Fakes and Mistakes: Inventing Roman Britain ' on Tuesday 11th October 2016

Report on Dr Nick Lowe's lecture ' The Rough Guide to Hades ' on Tuesday 27th September 2016
Nick Lowe lecture report.docx

Report on the Prandium hosted by Tony and Beverley Clifford on Saturday 9th July 2016
Prandium 2016, report.docx

Mr James Morwood's Lecture 'Aeneas and Tragedy' on Thursday 5th May 2016

Report on Professor Maria Wyke's Lecture ' Ancient Rome in Silent Cinema' on Wednesday 16th March 2016

Report on Professor Ian Rutherford's Lecture 'Pulp Fiction' on Tuesday 23rd February 2016

Report on Professor William Fitzgerald's Lecture 'Three Latin Poets and their Favourite Words' on Thursday 19th November 2015

Report on Dr Matthew Nicholls Lecture ' Public Libraries in the Roman World ' on Thursday 5th November 2015

Report on Caroline Lawrence's 'Mysteries of Ancient Rome' on Wednesday 14th October 2015

Report on Dr Michael Squire's Lecture ' The Iliad in a Nutshell ' on Wednesday 7th October 2015

Report on Dr Chris Stray's Lecture ' Classical Scholars at War ' on 14th May 2015.

 Report on Dr Gail Trimble's Lecture ' Depicting Ariadne: Catullus, Pompeii and the National Gallery ' on 17th March 2015.

Report on Professor Helen King's Lecture ' Ancient Greek Gynaecology for beginners' on Wednesday 11th February 2015.
Report on Saturnalia on Friday 16th January 2015.
Reports on Professor Chris Carey's Lecture 'Pain, Passion and Politics: Greek Lyric Poetry in Context' on 26th November 2014.

Reports on Professor Em. Tony Spawforth's Lecture 'Alexander the Great: Cross Dressing Conqueror of the World' on 11th November 2014.

 Report on Antigone visit on Saturday 21st June 2014

 Report on Professor Em. Brian Sparkes' Lecture ' Classical Backgrounds to the Grand Tour ' on Wednesday 14th May 2014.
Report on Dr Caroline Vout's Lecture 'Why history needs art' on Thursday 20th March 2014.

Report on Professor Matthew Leigh's Lecture ' Military Ethics: Ancient and Modern' on Wednesday 26th February 2014.

Report on Saturnalia Friday 17th January 2014

Report on Judith Letchford's Lecture on Wednesday 11th December 2013.

 Report on Dr Kathryn Tempest's Lecture on 13th November 2013

Report on Professor Michael Scott's Lecture 17th October 2013

Report on the 'Prandium' on 7th July 2013

Review of Dr Oliver Thomas's lecture on 12th June 2013

Review of Professor Stephen Harrison's lecture on 14th May 2013

Review of Dr Richard Stoneman's lecture on 9th April 2013

  Report on the Saturnalia on 15/3/2013
Review of Professor Michael Fulford's Lecture February 6th 2013

Review of Amy Smith lecture October 23rd 2012

Agenda of the Committee Meeting January 2011

Secretary's Report of the Year 2009-2010 

Treasurer's Report 2009-2010

Reading Competitions at Cantell School March 2010.
Please refer to the Competitions page for the results. You will also find a report on the Minimus Competition.

The Schools and Senior Schools Reports may be found by clicking below. 

Tempora Clausenti and Web Reports 2009-2010